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Water Heater Services

Water heaters create the types of problems that many homeowners react to with an out of sight out of mind philosophy. Even so, for those who are paying attention, a water heater will give signals that there is a problem. If you get right on it and call for a repair or a replacement, you can save yourself the discomfort of being out of hot water or worse. If you don’t fix a water heater before the problems get to their worst stages, you could end up with a crawl space or even a floor full of water. Your water heater services need to be a priority when managing the comfort and safety of your home or office.

Your water heater, when it is losing efficiency, will develop characteristics that, if noticed, will clue you into problems that are developing. These characteristics may be hard to distinguish from the regular characteristics of a fully functioning stock plumbing system. If only water heaters blew out all at one time they’d be easy to diagnose. Instead, they usually go out a little at a time, or one element at a time, and can cause a lot of discomforts and increased utility bills in the process.

It’s when they blow out one element at a time that it gets hard to notice. A long run of pipe from the water heater to the fixture, whether it’s a faucet or a shower valve, will take a while to heat up. This is what causes people not to notice when the water heater starts acting up. However, the regular time that it takes to heat up needs to be compared to the way your water heater is acting now.

Water Heater Professionals

Russell went the extra mile to ensure my replacement water heater was installed as quickly as possible by dispatching a driver to Rockville to pick up the requested model while concurrently working on installing the ‘plumbing’. The job was done on time, professionally and Russell cleaned up all debris leaving the job site in the condition found. Russell answered all my questions and tutored me on the salient features of the new water heater. Fantastic service and I would recommend him to anyone requiring plumber services. Will definitely use Plumberologist again should the need arise.

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 Symptoms To Watch For

Is the water only getting luke warm as opposed to fully hot after a good wait? Or, is it getting plenty hot but running out way too fast? Is your hottest setting slowly getting cooler and cooler? These are all symptoms that tell of different problems with your hot water tank elements. Is your water coming out cloudy or rust colored? These are common clues to problems within the tank itself.

Gas water heaters can have different problems than electric ones. Bigger ones may have more electrical issues than smaller ones. The number of people using it usually determines the size you need. These problems can be daunting for a homeowner. That is why you need a professional plumber.

We are experts at finding the right replacement water heater for most homes and installing them to meet your needs, state requirements and pass all inspections. We can also do repairs on those water heaters that still have life in them and just need some TLC. Save yourself stress, discomfort, and money. Give us a call!

Is your water heater acting up?

Home Service Doctors can have your water heater quickly and efficiently repaired or replaced so you can go back to enjoying hot water again, as soon as possible!

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