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Sewer Repair and Replacement

Your sewer main is the primary sewer line that connects the city’s main sewer line to your home. When that line becomes clogged, blocked, or otherwise damaged, you’re in for an expensive, unpleasant, and unsanitary headache unless you bring in the experts, that is! When a main line is damaged or needs to be repaired, be sure to call our expert sewer repair and replacement team.

What sets us above the rest? Unlike other plumbing companies, we offer:

  • Same-Day Service
  • Free Video Camera Inspection
  • Done-Right Repairs
  • Trenchless Solutions
  • Prompt and Friendly Service

Our technicians come on time on the same day as your call in one of our fully-stocked trucks to get right to work on your problem. We give you all of the most state-of-the-art options in the industry so that we can diagnose your problem accurately and you can get a solution that fits your budget. Don’t live with unsanitary sewer inconveniences for another day, call now and start finding a permanent solution!

Sewer Repair and Replacement

Sewer Repair

Do your fixtures back-up frequently? Are your sewer lines creating foul odors? It could be a stoppage. Most times our sewer main experts encounter a stoppage, it’s able to be cleared with one of our state-of-the-art drain snakes. The drain snake can locate, dislodge and break up the clog allowing water and waste to finally drain out of your home into the sewers.

We’ll do a FREE camera inspection on your home’s sewer line to find the exact source of the problem. A technician will be dispatched to your house to clear the drain and if that clearing service doesn’t open flow again, the dispatch charge is completely on us!

Apart from clearing, our repair services include:

  • High-Pressure Water Jetting
  • Slip-lining
  • Trenchless Spot Repair

Sewer Replacement

The primary reason most sewer main repairs are so difficult and labor intensive is that they are entirely underground, often running below gardens, lawns, driveways, or patios. Now, however, our experts come armed with a variety of top-notch technologies so that we can offer you the most advanced solutions available in the industry! You’ll have the power to choose from a number of distinctly different approaches based on your own priorities and our helpful technicians will be there to guide you through the choices to find what’s right for you.

How Do We Know Your Main Line Needs Replacement?

With years of sewer replacement experience under our belts, we have learned that there are certain scenarios where replacement is just the best option. In the following cases, we suggest that you simply have the main line replaced rather than risk it failing again:

  • If a pipe has collapsed in your system.
  • If your main line backs up more than once a year, it is probably worth the time and money to simply have the problem area dug up and the line replaced.
  • If there are roots involved in the clog or blockage, the pipe is oftentimes a lost cause and will need replacement. Roots are a common pipe blockage problem, since they pursue the water, oxygen, and nutrients in your sewer. High water pressure jetting can temporarily fix the problem, but the trouble with roots is that they grow back!
  • If your vent stack, the part of your plumbing system that removes sewage from your home, releases sewer gas, and regulates air pressure in the waste-system pipes has failed, it will often need to be replaced rather than repaired. You’ll know this if your pipes are gurgling or emitting foul odors.
  • If you have cast iron or Orangeburg piping. These materials are outdated and inevitably lead to larger problems when allowed to corrode.

Sewer pipe replacement can be a hassle, but we’ll take care of it for you in the best way possible.


When you choose our experts to do your sewer main replacement, you’ll have the following options to choose from. Remember, our specialists are always ready to answer questions!

  • Conventional Excavation- We dig down to the pipe, remove the problematic pieces, and install brand new pipe with more modern, durable material. Then we seal the hole.
  • Pipe-Lining- Via either a slip or a safe, certified epoxy blend, we can create a new pipe on the interior of your old one! This technique is sometimes referred to as “cured-in-place-piping.”
  • Pipe-Bursting- A powerful hydraulic machine drags a line through the existing pipe which breaks it and simultaneously installs a new pipe in its place.
  • Spot Repairs- Using one or a combination of the above services, we will fix the problems we find with the camera inspection directly without uprooting any more than we have to.

Do you need us for sewer repair and replacement? Do you think you might, but you aren’t sure? Well don’t wait: you have nothing to lose by calling us in for a FREE camera inspection. From there, our experts can help you make sure you don’t have these problems anymore, starting now!

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